SSC Result 2022 All Education Board

Teachers and students of all educational institutions are now looking for SSC Result 2022 All Education Board on the campus protesting against irregularities and negligence in medical care, and indecent misbehavior with patients’ relatives in government hospitals.
Economics professor Farid Uddin Khan began the SSC Result 2022 All Education Board in front of the university’s main academic building at Shaheed Shamsuzzoha Chatwar at 10:00am with a banner while several fellow teachers and students of the university took part expressing solidarity.
Professor Farid Uddin Khan said that people were getting angry day by day as they were not getting their expected services in the country’s government medical hospitals.
‘Instead, they are being harassed physically and mentally. If they protest at the negligence and irregularities, the hospital doctors and staff carry out attacks on them. And it has become a very common phenomenon in the country’s government hospital’, he said.
Professor Farid said that RU fourth-year marketing department student MGM Shahriar and his friends were the latest victims.
‘The fellow students complained that Shahriar died without getting proper treatment at the right time at Rajshahi Medical College Hospital. But, the way they were attacked with weapons is totally unacceptable. No professional can do it’, he said.
Professor Farid also demanded a judicial inquiry into the attack on students by RMCH intern doctors and staff, exemplary punishment for those involved in the attack, and an end to irregularities and mismanagement in the government hospital.
‘Many people have gone below the poverty line due to excessive medical expenses. Many have become destitute. Anarchy and mismanagement at the govt. hospital cannot continue like this. The concerned authorities should address this immediately’, he added

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