Transport leaders demand ban on CNG and battery-run three-wheeler’s movement on highway

Transport owners and workers’ leaders on Tuesday demanded imposing a ban on the movement of CNG and battery-run three-wheelers on highways.

They came up with the demand at a press conference at the office of Rajshahi district Motor Workers Union in Shiroil area in the city at 5pm.

Rajshahi Road Transport Group and District Motor Workers Union jointly organized the press conference.

Mahatab Hossain Chowdhury, general secretary of the Rajshahi Motor Workers’ Union, said that unskilled and unauthorized CNG and battery-run three-wheelers were roaming the highways.

He alleged that accidents often occurred on the road due to inefficiency of the CNG and battery-run three-wheeler drivers and the bus drivers were called the ‘killers’.

‘But, none questions whether how skilled the CNG and three wheeler drivers are or whether they have any licence’, he said.

Mahatab Hossain Chowdhury said that they demanded the district administration to withdraw the CNG and battery-run three-wheeler from the highways.

‘The district administration will have to take a strict stand in this regard now. Otherwise, the Transport Group and Motor Workers’ Union will not take the responsibility if the peaceful situation in the transport sector in the district is disturbed’, he said.

Mahabubul Alam Masum, executive member of Rajshahi Road Transport Group, questioned on what basis the But CNG and battery-run three-wheeler were playing on the highways.

‘Buses have route permits from the concerned authorities. If CNG and three-wheelers have route permits, let them play on the highway. Otherwise, withdraw them all from the highway’, he said.

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